Amber Caraveo & Joanna Moult to Set Up New Children's Literary Agency

We're delighted to share this exciting news with Words & Pictures readers. 

Amber Caravéo (currently Editorial Director at Orion Children’s Books and Indigo) is joining forces with Joanna Moult (formerly of Hodder Children’s Books and Simon & Schuster) to set up a bright new literary agency and creative consultancy, Skylark Literary –

Skylark Literary will specialise in representing the very best children’s and young adult fiction, seeking talented voices in stories for young people and working with publishers to create bespoke children’s books and series.

Amber Caravéo has been passionate about children’s books ever since she learned to read and has spent the last eighteen years in children’s editorial – working closely with her authors to get their books ready for publication and also creating and developing children’s and YA projects. She has worked internationally, with bestselling authors and publishing houses in the UK and the US, and on a wide range of projects from Rainbow Magic to Adventure Island.

Amber says,

‘I have been privileged to work with the wonderful Orion team and fabulous authors. I am very sad to say goodbye, but the time felt right to make the leap and embark on this exciting new adventure – seeking and supporting new talent in children’s publishing.’

Lisa Milton, Managing Director, General Division, Orion, and Fiona Kennedy, MD and Publisher, Orion Children's Books and Indigo, say,

‘Whilst working at Orion Amber has developed, created and commissioned a wide range of excellent books. Her attention to detail, passion and most importantly vision for her books and her authors has delivered a number of significant successes. To be able to find new and fresh ideas for series for middle-grade children is a particularly challenging job. Amber has consistently delivered above our expectations. We'll miss Amber and wish her well in her exciting new adventure.’

Joanna Moult began her career with Hodder Children’s Books, editing a range of talented authors as well as creating content for brands such as Felicity Wishes. She moved in order to cover maternity leave, running the children’s editorial department at Simon & Schuster. More recently she has been working with literary agents, helping them to find new talent and editing manuscripts prior to submission to publishers.

 Joanna says, 

‘Author care is one of the most rewarding and fascinating elements of being an editor for me and this feels like a very natural progression for both of us. With Skylark Literary I'm delighted to begin our search for new and exciting voices, as well as creating some really fresh and fun projects for publishers.’

Skylark Literary launches in November and will welcome submissions from authors. The company also looks forward to working with talented writers to create fun and fabulous children’s projects, specifically tailored to individual publishers.

For further information, please contact Amber Caravéo:


  1. Have sent an email to see when they might accept pitches - this looks great, Jan!

  2. Have they been invited to the agents' party?

    1. I know Amber is still at Orion so not officially an agent yet, not sure about Joanna but Amber will be at the conference. I don't know who's been invited to the agents party (I think only the organisers know!) perhaps a query for Facebook?

      ( i'm never sure about that apostrophe, Janet!)


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