Home again from the city of fun, so wish I could have stayed for weeks. I saw some brilliant shows even got a free ticket for Potted Sherlock the latest 'potted' show from CBBC's Dan and Jeff. They attempt and succeed in covering a whole body of work, on stage, in an hour. Here's a potted clip of their first show…

Also would have loved to have seen more of lovely people like these…

Sarah Broadley, responsible for that fabulous interview with Lindsey Fraser on Thursday,  hides behind her latest brilliant picture book concept in Spoon on Nicolson Street.

Sheila Averbuch enjoys tea and scones in Anteaques. Actually this is last year's photo. I was too distracted by stray babies, show flyers and  rapping scientists to remember to take a picture - doh! This year it was latte and wine in The Gilded Garden.

Christina Banach, who is all encouragement, ignores the madness that is the Royal Mile in August. (We may have just overindulged on pasta and pizza here but you need energy in this city - there are steps everywhere.)

Christina is also  the last of Nicky's Debuts - so pleased that people have been enjoying this series. I've put a handy link top left and thank you, this week, to Liz and Jeannie for sharing their experiences.

Talking of handy buttons we also have one top right which is one click away to booking for this year's conference and the likes of Nick ButterworthMelvin Burgess, Cathy Cassidy and Sally Gardner. Got a feeling it could be a good idea to book asap.

I have two more thank-yous - to Phillippa for some fab blog choices  while standing in for Nick, and Kathy who again is organising the annual conference badge competition - don't know how they do it!

Coming up: don't miss Christina's debut interview on Wednesday and can you believe we have bestselling storyteller and author of the Cherub series, Robert Muchamore, on the blog tomorrow? Even if you can't believe it, we absolutely do. What a great way to kick off Story, our theme for August.

Also, I've dismissed all that annoying word and number recognition. So if you've a mind, you can now comment with abandon).

I'm off to unpack...

Have fun in the sun!

Jan Carr

Jan Carr is the editor of Words & Pictures. Her fiction is all over the place, she blogs occasionally and loves to write in magenta. You can contact her at editor@britishscbwi.org.


  1. Woohoo no number recognition. Edinburgh sounds like a lot of fun. Yes, v much enjoying the debut series. And looking forward to Robert Muchamore.

  2. Jan it was a pure pleasure to see you in Edinburgh! Not sure how we attracted that baby for extended cuddles but I guess it's never too early to start cultivating our reading audience.

    1. There's a story with that baby too! Sooo wish I'd taken a pic!


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