More Unmissableness

I'm at the foot-stomping cider-swigging Internet-lacking Purbeck Folk Festival this weekend, so before I drive off to a windy hillside, plant my festival flagpole and pull on my wellies, here's some more unmissableness....

David Fickling 
How lucky were we to have the man himself! Thank you Catherine for delivering a fabulous Ask a Publisher.

Philppa Francis
The lovely Philippa, inspiring us all!

Nick Cross
Blog Breaking Heroically throughout the summer!

Catriona Tippin
Injecting a good dose of wit into proofreading!

Liz Miller
Intrepid Central North Reporter!

It's Thursday morning for me so at this stage I'm crystal ball gazing. Check these out using the links on the right..

Anne Marie Perks
Picture Book retreat organiser extraordinaire (with the equally extraordinaire Bridget Strevens Marzo) presents Illustrator extraordinaire Alex Deacon!

Sheila Averbuch   

Sheila Averbuch reports on SCBWI's debut event at the Edinburgh International Book Festival!. Congratulations to our RA, Natascha Biebow, Sheila, Louise Kelly and the South East Scotland Team who made this happen!

Again, I'm defiant in the face of exclamation point rationing!

And next week, yet more unmissableness:

Happy Bank Holidaying!

Jan Carr

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