Exhibition Success for John!

Many, many congratulations today for  W&P Illustration Features Editor and very hardworking illustrator, John Shelley!  Most of us try to take a little time off, down tools and get away over the summer. Not so Mr Shelley. This summer he certainly escaped the UK but to solo exhibition frenzy in Tokyo and Yokohama. And it didn't stop in Japan; at home John had some more exciting news.

Meanwhile, here's a flavour of John's summer...

Space Yui and Yui Garden galleries

Much of the exhibition featured work from John's latest book The Stone Giant
The Librarian and Wolves in the Forest, two of the smaller pieces created especially for the exhibition

Go to Shelley Scraps for the originals and if you'd like to see more of John's work head to Norwich where he came home to discover he'd been invited to be part of Supernatural Garden by  the Norwich and Norfolk Hospital Arts Project with Tsukuba University in Japan. John expects his work to be on display for the next few months. He says,

' I once met one the organisers at the Japan end (she came to one of our Tokyo SCBWI events some years ago and kept in touch), and I assume she must have recommended me to the Norwich Hospital Arts Project – hence once again I’ve indirectly SCBWI to thank for the germ of this connection!'

Brilliant News! Many Congratulations John!


  1. Go, John! I especially love your Wolves in the Forest ...

  2. Oh thank you Jan, what a lovely write-up! It's really turned out to be exhibition fever this year, the show in Norwich is almost ready to go "live".

  3. I love your work John, great to see this!

  4. Congratulations, John. Lovely work. Especially Wolves in the Forest!

  5. Beautiful images, John. You deserve this!


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