Ten-Minute Blog Break - 2nd September

Hello! I'm here and I'm fine. Better than fine, actually, due to a whole lot of SCBWI love sent my way over the weekend. So that's enough about me, because it's time to focus on what you clever people have been doing this week...

The triumphant return of Kate Bush to the stage has certainly fired up our bloggers this week. KM Lockwood contributes a wonderfully empathetic piece that delves into Kate's thoughts and motivations for her great comeback. Sue Hyams also avoids the concert review route, examining how the power of heartfelt emotion binds Kate Bush and her audience together.

Encouraged by proximity and her very obliging family, Sarah Broadley threw herself body and soul into the Edinburgh International Book Festival. Her exhaustive (but far from exhausting) post takes in many literary luminaries, including Scoobies such as Sarah McIntyre, Dave Cousins and Stephanie McGregor.

Another well-deserved success at the Edinburgh Book Festival was Nicola Morgan, whose signing queues have now swelled to rival those authors who seemed to overshadow her in past years. But it's not just a matter of ego, as her blog post makes touchingly clear.

I know I claimed I wasn't going to say any more about me, but Space on the Bookshelf did a whole series of posts about Stew Magazine last week and I was very proud to be interviewed, as was fellow SCBWI member Lisa Mann. You can also read the thoughts of editor Ali Fraser and Grace Sandford, who is one of the fine Stew illustrators. Remember, it's never too late to subscribe ;-)

Finally, here's a technological departure for the Blog Break, our very first vlog! For the uninitiated, these are video blogs, and I've embedded Olivia Bright's whiteboard-tastic introduction to her self-publishing process below:

Olivia also posted an accompanying blog about the wider process of bringing her book to the market. And I say good luck to her!


A SCBWI member since 2009, Nick Cross is an Undiscovered Voices winner who currently writes children's short fiction for Stew Magazine.

Nick's most recent blog post is "less a cry for help, more a squeal of frustration" as rejection and dejection find him Falling Back.


  1. A great selection. Hey but l just noticed that you've got yourself down as "former" UV winner. You won and that's that. There's no "former" about it. Just keep swimming, Nick.

    1. Quite right, Candy!

      And thanks from me, too, Nick :)

  2. Ooh, that's me told off! I have changed the offending biog :-)

  3. Brilliant! i'm so glad you embedded Olivia's VLOG, Nick.

  4. And of course, Lisa Mann is both SCBWI member AND fellow 2013 Undiscovered Voice!


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