Agent Confidential: Jo Unwin

Name: Jo Unwin

AKA: I could tell you but I would have to kill you 

Agency: Jo Unwin Literary Agency 

Genres represented: Fiction for everyone from 9 – 99, not picture books (except by my existing clients), comedy 

Authors you represent and titles of books: I represent authors for children and adults, and some who are writing for both. Books coming out soon by Maudie Smith, Jesse Armstrong, Jenny Colgan, Sarah Moore Fitzgerald, Richard Ayoade and Georgia Pritchett… 

Recent deals: Three exciting children’s ones are screenwriter Georgia Pritchett’s series to Quercus (Wilf the Mighty Worrier), Katie Everson’s debut Drop with Walker Books, and Jenny Colgan’s first book for children Polly and the Puffin with Little, Brown Young Readers. 

Wish list: Two things especially: I’d love to see more romance - I like being made to laugh and cry and am always on the lookout for a tearjerker! And comedy for all ages. Books with a really distinct voice, and with a certain warmth to them are likely to catch my eye. 

Your favourite books: Where to begin? As a child I loved The Little Princess, Little House on the Prairie, anything by Noel Streatfield. More recently I adored Wild Boy by Rob Lloyd Jones and The Last Wild by Piers Torday. 

Agent style: It really depends on what the author needs. No two authors are the same, and people need very different things at different stages of their career. 

How to submit to you: I’ve put guidelines up on my website… 

Submission tips: …but the most important thing is to make sure you work is the best it can possibly be, so that it will stand out. We all get sent a lot


Twitter: @jounwin 

Upcoming events: I’ll be at both the York and Winchester festivals this autumn 

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  1. Thanks, Jo. I am a big admirer of Richard Ayoade.

  2. Hi Jo-thanks for letting us read your dosier. Comedy is probably the hardest thing to write, but do you have any tips? Thanks, David.

  3. Jo, I self published two novels on Amazon. Do you ever take on a project that has been self published? Thanks B


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