Hooray for Honorary Dave!


This week we're delighted to celebrate with Dave Gray for his Honorary Mention in this year's Margaret Carey Conference Scholarship. Dave's a busy illustrator so when my request for a few words about their success went out to the winners and Honorary Mentions, Dave was too snowed under to respond but deadlines pass, so it's wonderful to be able to catch up with him this week and say many congratulations, Dave!

Dave's work should be familiar, because until only a few weeks ago, as featured illustrator , he provided W&P with this story-filled banner...

Who is the shadowy figure? What is that landscape? Where are they going? Are they rescuing the bear?
Dave had this to say about this latest affirmation:

I’m so pleased to have have been given an honorary mention for The Margaret Carey Scholarship 2014.Thanks to everyone who has enabled this to happen. I’ve been tinkering with manuscripts and doodles in between design and illustration jobs for a few years now but it’s only lately that I’ve started to feel like it’s all finally coming together.
I entered a few of my picture book illustrations for the scholarship but I know that the competition is stiff so wasn’t expecting too much. The honorary mention feels like a huge endorsement and indication that I’m moving in the right direction and hopefully getting closer to being published. When I do, I’ll buy you all a drink!

 We'd love to see more of your work in print Dave, here's hoping you're now just a tiny step away!

Congratulations Dave!


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