Keep Your Finger on the PULSE

This year’s SCBWI conference sees the introduction of an exciting new PULSE Track, which focuses on the needs of our growing numbers of published authors and illustrators.

It covers marketing and publicity, school visits, media training and self-promotion.

For the first time, the conference has a third keynote speaker, Sally Gardner, under the aegis of the Pulse strand.

Sessions on offer include:

Sara Grant
~ Self-Promotion Best Practice: Sharing Session led by Sara Grant Media Training.

~ Media Training: Interview Technique with BBC Presenter, Claire Bolderson.
Claire Bolderson

Michelle Goodall
~ Twitter Triage with social media guru Michelle Goodall.

~ School Visits: What Teachers Want.

~ Blogging, websites and building an online presence with Candy Gourlay.
Candy Gourlay
The PULSE Track is open to unpublished and indy-published authors too. The programme has also been designed so that the workshops fall on the Sunday only, so you can choose to attend for one day (and pay a reduced rate), rather than stay for the full weekend.

Here’s what a couple of our published members have to say about the new strand: 

I’m looking to gain the ideas, knowledge and enthusiasm to build and improve upon on my established self-promo platform, in the hope that I might, through sharing my best practice, help my fellow authors do the same. 

Christina Banach, author of Minty 

My second session is the media training module. This is a skill that I think's an essential for authors who want to to publicise their work on YouTube, Google+ hangouts, or even good old TV! I've done two radio interviews already, but I think the demands of a video interview are very different. I'm currently planning a promotional video for Cloud Riders, so this course has come at an ideal time for me. 

Nick Cook, author of Cloud Riders 

If you’re interested in finding out more about the events on offer, you can find more information here.

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