Introducing Our New Ed!

As promised and without, as they say, much ado here is the next editor of Words & Pictures....

But first the ado.
This week did you catch...

Last Sunday I was all of a dither so didn't read the schedule right which means we can still look forward to Nicola L Robinson's Anatomy of a Monster. If you've seen Nicola's work you know this will be brilliant! We have a new Ask a Picture Book Editor, together with Picture Book Basics, what a treasure trove these picture book posts from Natascha, Ellie and John are. Plus we have some more scbwicon  goodness - meet the conference volunteers!

Now some other important DEADLINE notices this week:
First this:

Click here for the Fabulous Darley Anderson Slushpile Challenge!
Deadline November 2nd

And there's this....

The 2014 W&P Advent Calendar!
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And of course finally...

Now at last, here she is...

Nancy Saunders!

Ta Dah!
We're all smiles for W&P's next Ed! 

Nancy is a lover of all things books. She has worked in libraries, Waterstone’s (when they still had the apostrophe), written short stories (published a few) and is currently working on her first novel for young adults. She’s been a conservation volunteer leader, a support worker for adults with learning difficulties, a yoga teacher, a traditional music fiddler, and a home educator of two now grown-up lovelies. 

She says...

 "I am both thrilled and honoured to be invited to join the W&P team as Editor. Having met Jan a couple of times now, and read through her posts on the site, I know that I have a veritable task ahead to uphold such enthusiasm and joy. Fortunately her sunshinyness is catching – and I have definitely got the bug. I can’t wait to meet everyone who’s clearly played such a fantastic and crucial role in producing a much needed watering-hole for SCBWI-BI members."

I am so happy to hand over to Nancy - she is the perfect person to take Words & Pictures forward - it's wonderful to meet someone with such enthusiasm, vision and humour. I'm completely convinced W&P is in very safe hands. The changeover will be gradual with Nancy completely in place some time after Christmas - it's a big old machine!

I'm off to cook the dinner, hope yours is a delicious Sunday too,

Jan Carr

Jan Carr is the editor of Words & Pictures. Her fiction is all over the place, she blogs occasionally and loves to write in magenta. You can contact her at


  1. Welcome, Nancy! Jan you have been a marvel...THANK YOU for leading W & P into its new era. I LOVE this magazine.

    X x Sheila

  2. Woo - thank you Jan for such a warm welcome, and Sheila too. Quite a thing to see such a large pic of oneself staring out on a Sunday morning! I can't wait to get stuck in. Looking forward to the journey with everyone.

  3. Great to meet you on here, Nancy, and welcome to the party! Good luck with your settling in period, am sure Jan will ease you in gently... Ditto what Sheila says too about Jan's wonderfulness, so much appreciated.

  4. Welcome Nancy, I am sure you will have loads of fun editing Words and Pictures. Jan, we'll miss you x

  5. Thank you Celia and Marie both - I'm sure it will be fab.

  6. Thank you, Jan, for all the excellent editing, and welcome, Nancy.

  7. Welcome, Nancy - and thanks for being so generous with your time. W&P is a highlight of my morning. Jan- thanks so much! You've really set the bar high. Enjoy the extra writing-or-whatever time.

  8. Jan, you have been awesome. Words and Pictures is an incredible resource that would never have come into being without your vision and organisational skills. Thank you. Welcome Nancy, thanks for taking over, I'm sure you'll have a lot of support.

  9. Linda, thank you - great to hear W&P brightens your morning! And Maureen thank you for your welcome too.

  10. Huge hugs and congratulations to Jan for being a brilliant editor and to Nancy for being generous enough with her time and energy to take over. W&P rocks, guys!

  11. Welcome to the team, Nancy! Looking forward to working with you.
    Jan -- you are an absolute super star and will be very much missed x

  12. Cheers Rowena! And Look v much forward to working with you too Katrina :-)

  13. A warm welcoming hug to you Nancy and another warm thank you hug to Jan for all the brilliant things you've done for SCBWI and W &P

  14. Thank you so much for everything you've done, Jan. And it has been so very much! A huge welcome, congratulations and good luck to Nancy! Looking forward to future W&P goodies.

  15. Thank you for your welcoming hug Bridget - and Sue for your hearty wishes. What a wonderfully warm and friendly bunch you are!

  16. I'll miss your cheery editorials Jan. You have worked soooo hard on W&P and been inspiring. Hello to Nancy - you sound as if you're the perfect new editor.

  17. All the best in your new venture, Nancy.

  18. Thanks everso Sue & Debbie!

  19. Welcome Nancy! Thanks for all your wonderful input Jan :) x

  20. Oh my goodness, I just saw this. Welcome Nancy! Jan, you've been a dynamo, an absolute powerhouse at the helm. You'll be a hard act to follow, but I'm sure Nancy is just the right person for the role. Can't wait to catch up with you all at Winchester. Bravo!

  21. Me too, slow to realise what this meant. Thank you Jan for all your encouragements and organising skills.
    And a big welcome to Nancy, looking forward to virtually,meeting you, or in reality too.

  22. Many thanks to you Anna, John and Hot Frog (sounds sizzling!). Looking forward to meeting you all.


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