A collective illustration celebration!

Today we're celebrating exciting illustrator news from across the many and varied membership of SCBWI's fabulous illustrators & volunteers. Have a read of their recent successes, right here.

SCBWI Network East co-ordinator, John Shelley, has a new book out with Holiday House in the US, Crinkle, Crackle, Crack (you might have seen his recent W&P feature here).

Undiscovered Voices illustrator co-ordinator, Loretta Schauer, has two new books out with Little Tiger Press: A Monster's Moved In, and Rumplestiltskin.

Conference illustrator co-ordinator Mike Brownlow's Ten Little Pirates, has won the 2014 Nottingham Children's Book Awards, the Lancashire Share a Story Award, is short-listed for the 2014 Sheffield Children's Book Awards, and was long-listed for the inaugural Evening Standard Picture Book Award: Oscar's First Book Prize.

Illustrator Co-ordinator Anne-Marie Perks, this year's SCBWI volunteer of the year, is on her second wordless graphic novel for special needs readers, Finding a Safe Place from Abuse. The first was shown on a BBC programme, and is due out in April.

Bridget Strevens-Marzo has been invited on a free trip to China for their Bookworm Festival later this month, and will give talks and workshops in Beijing, Suzhou and Shanghai.

Finally, the winner of our current SCBWI London Facebook banner competition 2015, was Elisabeth Newson. Elisabeth has been a SCBWI member since 2012. Anita Loughrey (membership secretary and founder of the London Network) chose Elisabeth's banner as the winner, as the best entry to encompass SCBWI London in all its magical glory. The banner is now being showcased at the top of our SCBWI London Facebook.

On the subject of banners, do look out for the new banner each month on the top of Words & Pictures, which changes with the new monthly illustrator. Alongside their bio, you will also be able to see a gallery of their work on the showcase page.

Nancy Saunders is the new Editor of W&P. You can find some of her short stories here, and on Twitter @nancyesaunders


  1. It's great to make some noise for the illustrarors and their fabulous work - congratulations John, Bridget, Anne-Marie Mike, Loretta, and Elizabeth!


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