Network News: SCBWI Ireland Social Event in Galway - Ballet Dancing Alligator & Inspiration Ice Cream

We had a great first SCBWI Ireland meeting in Galway on March 22nd. It will undoubtedly lead to another in the summer, and we’re aiming for a field trip in the autumn!  

Illustrators Eva Byrne (Sligo) and Kieran Ryan (Galway) joined Helena Kilty and Declan Clarke, both writers from Galway. Liam Clarke (the young writer in the photo and co-author of Max Stone) joined us after his drama rehearsal. 

We were very lucky to have JenniferJue-Steuck (writer, whose new book, Inspiration Ice Cream, is out in July) join us from California at our inaugural meeting. Jennifer gave us a great sense of connection with the wider SCBWI network, a flavour of just how much an Irish chapter could do, and how much we can learn from our European and U.S. colleagues.

Left to right: Helena Kilty, Jue-Stuek, and Eva Byrne 

In the beautiful city of Galway on the west coast of Ireland, enjoying a coffee, it was great to be in the presence of like-minded people. We got to discuss topics that are so relevant to us all but difficult to broach in other company! How do you develop your author or illustrator brand, especially if you write or draw in multiple genres or across many platforms? Do editors or agents look for content that follows trends or are they looking for work with an original voice? How do you manage your time to ensure you get time to spend on that project, and do you have any tips...? 

Eva shared the workings of her wonderfully illustrated tale of the Ballet Dancing Alligator. Jennifer’s new stories sound exciting and enchanting. Kieran brought a selection of his hilarious cartoons for everyone and ...well, like I said, it was great to be in the company of people who get people like us!

Left to right: Declan Clarke (SCBWI Ireland Social Liaison Galway), Dr. Kieran Ryan, Liam Clarke, Helena Kilty, Jennifer Jue-Steuck, and Eva Byrne
Thanks everyone for coming along and for sharing, greatly looking forward to our next coffee!


Declan Clarke is an Irish writer of adventure tales. His YA style is fast paced and action packed, and he loves a good fight!


  1. Thanks for taking care of things in the west of Ireland, Dec! I really appreciate your help! Colleen :)

  2. Great post Declan, looking forward to a summer meet up with you all.

  3. Thank you, Dec, for everything! Lovely to meet everyone.

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