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Design a new logo for Nick's Ten-Minute Blog Break

The current Blog Break logo

First off, we have a fabulous opportunity for one lucky illustrator to have their very own design appearing every week on Words & Pictures. In the words of Paul Morton, the marvellous host of this competition:

You will have noticed over the years that Words & Pictures has an incredibly addictive micro round-up of blog digests. It is hosted and compiled by the ever inventive Nick Cross, and called 'Ten-Minute Blog Break.' 

Well, the feature is having a face-lift and needs a brand spanking new title logo. So we're opening it up as a competition to all SCBWI members. Can you create the perfect graphic for Nick's weekly feature?

The panel is 8.5cm wide x 7.5cm tall @72ppi.

Please have a look through W&P and take note of the style and feel that already exists.

Send your final images to me, Paul Morton >  hot.frog@me.com to arrive by the 17th of May. You may submit up to 4 images per person.

The winning entry will then become the adopted logo and you'll get a mention in W&P.

Good luck!

Your questions on the subject of PR

We have a feature on PR, coming up very soon with Emma Donnan of Busybee promotions. Together with Katy Weitz, Emma runs training days for writers looking to optimise their book's PR potential. You can read all about their courses here: Press My Book.

This is a chance to put your questions to Emma, whether you're taking on your own PR, or working alongside a publisher.

Please send your questions to me, editor@britishscbwi.org. Your questions will then be answered within the feature on Monday the 27th April.

Open Sketchbook

Calling all SCBWI British Isles members - illustrators, author-illustrators, and passionate sketchers alike.

Here's your chance to submit a page or spread from your sketchbook for the very first 'Sketchbook Open' to show the world (don't be shy!) on SCBWI British Isles Words & Pictures Online Magazine website next Friday April 24th - DEADLINE - Tuesday 21st!

Please EMAIL to illustrators@britishscbwi.org

1. a JPEG scan or photo of one (yes only ONE!) selected spread or page from your sketchbook (size 1000 pix max)

2. a Word or Page doc saved as YOURNAME/SKETCHBOOK with your name and if desired, a link to your website or email and a short description of the sketch (i.e.. rapid sketch on location, kids at play…)

Observational sketches, imaginative scenes or doodles - your choice!

Please note - this is for current SCBWI British Isles members only and while aiming to be as inclusive as possible, the SCBWI British Isles Words&Pictures Illustrator committee reserves the right to edit or exclude any work deemed inappropriate.

Your celebrations great & small

Naturally Words & Pictures loves to celebrate the exciting news of writers and illustrators being published, or signing with an agent. But we'd also love to hear about those smaller, yet no less significant 'wins' of yours.

Perhaps you managed to write 1000 words each day for a month, following months of writer's block. Or you sketched something new each day until you filled a book, when you thought you wouldn't be able to draw anything at all. Maybe your critique group gave you some extremely positive feedback on your latest chapter (at long last!) or you've reached a score of 25 rejection letters!

This is essential stuff in our shared journey, and it gives us all hope to hear that we tread the same road on the way to that fairy-tale castle in publishing land (that's the only metaphor I'm using this week, that's a promise).

Please send your Small Big Celebrations to me:
editor@britishscbwi.org. We hope to run this on a monthly basis on a Celebration Saturday, in which we'll bring together several Small Big celebrations to share.

Don't forget to check out the rich spread brought to Words & Pictures last week, by our fabulous team:

Monday ~  Lesley Moss reported on what was clearly an invaluable workshop with Tim Bowler, in Exeter. This week, the South West group have been meeting Philip Reeve. I'm seriously beginning to wish I lived in Cornwall.

Tuesday ~ Nick's pick of the blogs. This selection, as always, is a concentrated mix of creative inspiration. It should be consumed every week, for the health of all.

Wednesday ~ Catriona skillfully illustrates the thin-line fantasy writers walk between suspending the belief of their reader, and blowing the whole thing with an implausible reference.

Thursday ~ in Network NewsThe prolific SCBWI volunteer that is Kathy Evans, waves goodbye to the South-East Coordinator's role, and hello to the Finance Co-ordinator - and warmly welcomes in Jane Haryott as her replacement.

And, in Event News, Rowena brings us a wonderfully constructed interview with the award-winning author Sally Nicholls - who will be leading our forthcoming retreat in May. Those attending are clearly in for a treat.

Saturday ~ Charlotte posts a celebration of Marnie Riches' new YA novel The Girl Who Wouldn't Die. After reading this post, I'm now going out to buy the book. Marnie does a pretty irresistible sell!

Nancy Saunders is the new Editor of W&P. You can find some of her short stories here, and on Twitter @nancyesaunders


  1. About the "Open Skethcbook" - is it meant for the FB group members as well?

  2. Hi Iris, I think as long as you're a current member of SCBWI BI, that's fine.

  3. Is the Open Sketchbook submission open only for British Isles residents?


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