Ten-Minute Blog Break - 7th April

Many thanks for your generous reaction to last week's special Ten-Minute Time Machine feature. It's back to the present day this week, as we see what our crack team of SCBWI bloggers have been up to...

Actually, not entirely back to the present, because I was delighted to see Candy Gourlay writing her own follow-up to last week's feature, reflecting on the changes to the publishing industry since Notes from the Slushpile began. Meanwhile, on her own blog, Candy talks about writing dual narratives, a subject she'll be taking questions on for #ukmgchat on Twitter this Thursday 9th April.

Miriam Craig is one of the brains behind #ukmgchat, so it's fitting that she's our next blogger. A few weeks back, I featured part one of the results of Miriam's "extraordinarily unscientific" but very entertaining questionnaire for middle grade readers. Part two has now arrived, and it's just as loopy and illuminating. What snacks do you like to eat while reading?

Another ongoing series is Claire O'Brien's guide to creating a picture book illustration portfolio. In the latest instalment, Claire reports on pieces she's added to and removed from her portfolio, and her rationale as to why.

Something I missed a couple of weeks ago is this splendid post by Nicola Morgan on how writers can earn more money. Nicola seems to be doing a brilliant job of creating new revenue streams for herself, and the post is full of great tips for working writers.

Finally, Sarah Broadley is thinking about the emotional impact of a successful picture book, and how certain tales crop up again and again. Where Have I Read That Story Before?


A SCBWI member since 2009, Nick Cross is a children's writer, Undiscovered Voices winner, occasional blogger, ex-zombie and part-time superhero for two hours every Wednesday evening (but only after putting the bins out).

He also writes children's short fiction for Stew Magazine.

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  1. Thanks Nick, really great selection again.
    Your picks are so good, give me so many ideas that I have to ration blog breaks!


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