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As an aspiring author, it's easy to go off sideways. The deadlines created are your own, the daily word count arbitrary, the mountain of publication – ladies and gentlemen – lies far off in some distant land. 

The map you have is folded up in to many unmanageable sections. To have it all opened up at once seems completely impossible. But it's OK. You're not alone. There are others here, just like you. And there are also those who've been to the mountain and climbed to the very top. They can tell you all about their journey, the continuous climb, how they thought they'd never make it. But they did.

That's what being a part of a community such as SCBWI brings. The shared experience, the discussions, the listening to, the reading from, the learning. You've only got to look at last week on Words and Pictures to see the collaborative support for both those unpublished and published.

On Monday, together with other published illustrators, Natascha led the way on how to submit your picture book professionally.

On Tuesday Nick brought us a rich blend of blogs, full of inspiration and thought-provoking reads.

Wednesday Lou brought news of three published authors from Down Under - an insightful look at their creative and publishing journeys.

Thursday gave us Anne-Marie's feature on the Portfolio Intensive, part of the Illustration Masterclass coming up on the 18th of April - invaluable for both unpublished and published illustrators.

And on Friday there was an Event Report on International Publishing opportunities, from Shana Nieberg-Suschitzky

On Saturday, Charlotte brought us a report on Anna McKerrow's debut novel, Crow Moon.

Nancy Saunders is the new Editor of W&P. You can find some of her short stories here, and on Twitter @nancyesaunders

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