Ten-Minute Blog Break - 21st April

Did you all spot the competition that Nancy launched on Sunday to design a new logo for the Ten-Minute Blog Break? I'm really looking forward to what you super-talented SCBWI illustrators come up with!

First up this week, a terrific blog post by Juliet Clare Bell on the lessons she learned from going off the grid for a week at a picture book retreat. The experience triggered her to do an audit of her creative processes, which I found incredibly useful (especially the part about type 1 and type 2 fun).

In a related post, Bryony Pearce is acting like a dork at The Edge this week. Sorry, that should be DORK - a handy mnemonic for Bryony's four stage plan for becoming a better writer.

I didn't get to the London Book Fair this year, but Larisa Villar Hauser did, and she's written a quick-fire post discussing what she learnt as an indie author.

K.M. Lockwood is thinking about gendered books this week, and sees a lot of hope from recent industry moves. Could we see the end of the dreaded pink and blue covers in the near future?

Finally, Miriam Halahmy recently spoke at an unusual event about creativity and its ability to cause social change. Blogging at An Awfully Big Blog Adventure, Miriam both describes the event in words and shares an amazing cartoon summary by artist Josie Willey. Judging by this, every event should have a live cartoonist in attendance!


A SCBWI member since 2009, Nick Cross is a children's writer, Undiscovered Voices winner, occasional blogger, ex-zombie and part-time superhero for two hours every Wednesday evening (but only after putting the bins out).

Nick actually wrote a blog post this week (for a change). Enter the world of Salzburg's Spielzeugmuseum and feel The Power of Play.


  1. What a smashing round-up, and so glad to be in it. I wrote notes on Juliet's piece, and Bryony, Larisa & Miriam do inspire me to get on with it. Thanks.

  2. Yes, agree, the cartoonist was so brilliant. Maybe some scooby doers would like to think about this as a way of recording events! Thanks for the heads up as always Nick and hope all is excellent with you too.


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