Small Big Celebrations! Alex English signs with new agent.

By Charlotte Comley

I'm super excited to announce a new feature on the Celebration Page, it's called Small Big Celebrations! It seems that some of our readers feel that only a book deal is a reason to celebrate! But no, there are lots of occasions that need a fanfare! Today on the Small Big Celebrations! Alex English writes about signing her new agent.

So if you have something you are really pleased about, your first school visit, awards, or maybe some surprising news! Why not ping an email my way?

Alex English writes:

I'm excited to announce that I have recently signed with Joanna Devereux of the Joanna Devereux Literary Agency. I did things a bit backwards, as I got published before I got an agent. My first picture book, YUCK SAID THE YAK, came out in September last year with Maverick. This was a slushpile submission that struck it lucky. Maverick then snapped up another picture book of mine, PIRATES DON'T DRIVE DIGGERS, which comes out in May. I also have early reader versions of both picture books and a follow-up to YUCK SAID THE YAK in the works. With all that going on, I wasn't being very active about looking for an agent. However, an author friend recommended Joanna as she thought we might be a good fit. I also write fiction and I wanted someone who would be equally passionate about picture books and lengthier work. Joanna fitted the bill! I started by sending Joanna a few things I had been working on, we had a phone call and then met up in real life at the lovely cafe at the Southbank Centre near Waterloo. We chatted about my work, potential revisions to be made and what her strategy would be with submissions. Joanna has years of experience, both in children's publishing and as an agent, but her agency is small enough to be personal. I thought this was the ideal combination, so I was very happy when I was offered representation. 
I'm now in the process of working with Joanna on revising various manuscripts for submission, so watch this space!

​Twitter: @alexthepink


  1. Congratulations and good luck with your edits! :)

  2. Fabulous news Alex! really pleased for you!

  3. Wonderful news Alex - congratulations!

  4. Thanks all! It's very exciting. Lots of work now though...


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