Ten-Minute Blog Break - 5th May

Just a quick reminder of the competition to design a new logo for this column. You've got until the 17th May, so you'd better hurry up, because otherwise I'm going to draw the new logo myself. And nobody wants that!

While I was busy last week Googling for photos of Candy Gourlay with bananas on her head, Sarah McIntyre was (as usual) putting me to shame with her crusading spirit. Unpicking the Green Party's confusing stance on copyright, she highlighted how the party was undermining its own natural power base amongst creative people, and forced the Greens to reconsider the policy. In a follow-up article, Sarah talks further about copyright law, and why it's an important provision worth fighting for!

There were a brace of great posts reflecting on the creative process this week. Lorraine Gregory dragged herself from the dark of her writing cave to share the tragicomic story of her new first draft, and to wonder how she'd forgotten what hard work it would be. Meanwhile, Liz Flanagan offers us five things she learned about writing over the last year. Finally, Alistair Lane took on a host of creative challenges in April (RhyPiBoMo, NaPoWriMo and the A to Z Blog Challenge) and lived to tell the tale!

Some weeks ago, I featured a post by Nicola Morgan about commissioning an illustrator to create artwork for her presentations. I'm pleased to see that the illustrator in question, Katherine Lynas, has posted her own perspective on the work, giving a great insight into the commissioning process.

Let's end with a couple of informative posts about the challenges of indie publishing. Olivia Bright discusses the first three months since her YA novel Becoming Lady Beth escaped into the wild. Sarah Towle, on the other hand, is busy building a Kickstarter campaign for her latest Time Traveler Tours & Tales project. She gives us the low-down on how to make the perfect campaign video to fire up those all-important investors.


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Nick's most recent blog post invites you to enter the world of Salzburg's Spielzeugmuseum and feel The Power of Play.


  1. Thanks for the mention Nick. Some great posts covered here.

  2. Ditto! Thanks for the shout out, Nick. It's so nice to know you're out there reading, and sharing, our words!


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