Ten-Minute Blog Break - 12th May

You join me from Hamburg in Germany, where I'm travelling for work. But due to the wonders of Wi-Fi, I'm pleased to be able to present you with another set of great posts by our super SCBWI bloggers!

Although thinking about language translation is an important part of my day job, I'd never considered the complexities of translating hand-drawn lettering. So thank you Loretta Schauer, for an instructive post for Big Little Tales, all about lettering for picture books and what illustrators need to consider before starting work. After reading this, I wouldn't want to be the person who has to translate the illustration-heavy Tom Gates books into other languages!

The Edge have been featuring a range of writing tips from various SCBWI authors over the last few weeks, mostly aimed at beginning writers. Both Dave Cousins and Katie Dale present theirs in the form of videos, while Miriam Halahmy has written a more conventional post this week, all about the benefits of taking a short break from writing to recharge your creative batteries.

Katie Dale's tip about listening to other people's conversations leads me nicely into a post from Sam Zuppardi. Sam has invented a new drawing game that he calls Eavesdropped.

I'm pleased to see that, following the Ten-Minute Time Machine and her recent Blog Break interview, Candy Gourlay has continued to excavate the past. Her most recent find is a post written for another (now defunct) blog back in 2011. As a debut author, Candy discovered that she was suddenly being photographed all the time and even asked to appear on TV - was she ready for her close up?

Finally, Larisa Villar Hauser clearly learnt a lot at the London Book Fair this year, because she's still blogging about it. Her latest post demystifies the process of crowdfunding, and is really useful reading if you're thinking of taking a jump into this market to fund a new project.


A SCBWI member since 2009, Nick Cross is a children's writer, Undiscovered Voices winner, occasional blogger, ex-zombie and part-time superhero for two hours every Wednesday evening (but only after putting the bins out).

Nick's most recent blog post invites you to enter the world of Salzburg's Spielzeugmuseum and feel The Power of Play.


  1. Another nice collection of posts, Nick. Have fun in Germany and thanks for listing me!

  2. Interesting post from Loretta. Why did the t-shirt lettering have to be in black? I love all the circus type, I can't imagine it would work any other way. Such a cute character too!


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