BLOG BREAK Launches, Lifetime and Love

Nick Cross presents his fortnightly selection of must-read blogs.

Anyone who has been monitoring Sarah Broadley's desk from her Facebook photos will be wondering why it didn't collapse under the weight of books! These were books that SCBWI-BI members and others donated to Sarah, so she could give them to patients at The Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh. Sarah's blog post takes the form of a grateful thank you.

With diversity a much-discussed subject, Chitra Soundar has been searching out inclusive independent publishers. Find out more in her post for Picture Book Den.

What's your motivation for getting published? Fame? Money? Critical acclaim? Kathryn Evans says you should, instead, Love Thine Editor.

Debut novelist Kelly McCaughrain has been thinking about book launches (like, really a lot). In a witty blog post, she shares her wisdom.

Bridget Strevens-Marzo was lucky enough to be invited along to the BookTrust Lifetime Achievement Award presentation to John Burningham and Helen Oxenbury. Her enthusiastic blog post shares some stories from this very special event.

Jennifer Moore has been quiet of late, presumably because she's been working hard on a writing project. But now that it's finished and her desk is clear, the horror of The Big Blank Page beckons. With microscope in hand, Jennifer investigates in a fun blog post.

Finally, we've all had those moments of creativity where we just have to go with a wild idea, regardless of whether it would actually make sense in the "real" world. But in an unlikely twist, science has validated the design of Clare Helen Welsh's biscuit rocket from Aerodynamics of Biscuits. Quick! Someone tell Elon Musk!


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Nick Cross is Words & Pictures' Blog Network Editor. He both writes and illustrates for children, is an Undiscovered Voices winner, and was the 2015 honours recipient of the SCBWI Magazine Merit Award for fiction.

Nick also blogs for Notes from the Slushpile. His most recent blog post finds him Drawing While Terrified.


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