REVIEW The Worried Writer

In the first of our new review series, discover where and how you can get advice on writing. First up – Natalie Yates reveals her favourite podcast.

The Worried Writer – for those suffering from self-doubt, fear and procrastination

Thanks to a SCBWI recommendation, I have been listening to Sarah Painter’s Worried Writer podcast for quite a few months now. Sarah, a best-selling contemporary novelist, started recording podcasts in 2015.  Delivered in her soft dulcet tone, the podcasts are always engaging and offer many tips on overcoming self-doubt and procrastination. With every podcast, she interviews another author and they discuss their writing routines and journeys to publication, which I always find fascinating.

So, when I was asked to write a review, it was difficult to choose an episode. I listen while walking the dogs and last week, I thought I’d have another listen to one of the older episodes, one that I remember relating to very closely: #17 ‘Keep your life interesting’ with Siobhan Curham.  Siobhan has written for adults and children and has published the non-fiction book Dare to Write a Novel.

Particularly fascinating about Siobhan’s journey is her story of winning an award for her self-published novel Dear Dylan, which she shares in this interview with Sarah – how she found herself up on stage receiving the award, still not even realising she had won! To get to this point, she had made some very tough decisions and it is heart-warming to know that in the end, she had made the right choice for her and her novel.

Keep faith in your work!

After listening to Siobhan’s story, the main message was to keep faith in your work. Also, I found many great tips on keeping motivated, setting deadlines, giving yourself breaks and keeping away from internet distractions. Mostly, I found it interesting that as a writer it is important to keep your life interesting, such as exploring different creative outlets, visiting art exhibitions, taking long walks and meditation.

The overlying message for me from this podcast though, was that the act of writing makes me a writer and no matter how many times I have considered jacking it all in, writing is not something you can switch off!

Natalie has been with SCBWI since 2015.  When she’s not working as a Teaching Assistant, she writes YA. You can find her occasional musings here: and tweets @eastyorknat.


  1. Thanks Natalie I will definitely check out that blog - even though it’s another internet distraction!

  2. This is so welcome, Natalie. Thank you. Following other creative outlets really helps, especially when the writing is stalled for whatever reason. Will definitely check out Sarah's podcasts.

  3. Thanks for writing Natalie, will check out the podcast. Siobhan runs my local writer's group and is lovely!


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