REVIEW 101 Stunning Story Starters

In this month's review, B B Taylor, shares her thoughts on Tommy Donbavand's 101 Stunning Story Starters, an excellent resource for getting those creative writing juices flowing

When looking for great ideas or new icebreakers for your creative writing sessions, it can be difficult to take that first step to get you going. Like finding your way in the dark looking for that light switch. But fear not! You need look no further than Tommy Donbavand’s 101 Stunning Story Starters. 

Packed with dozens of original openers to banish the dreaded writer's block and get you whizzing through your story, this book is a must for any writer’s collection. Simple yet effective, the book can be used not only in your own writing but also as a fantastic activity when running creative writing workshops or story sessions. With something for everyone, from Sci-fi to Fairy Tales, there are definitely enough ideas here to get those creative juices flowing.

Each section is broken down into easy-to-use segments with different genres throughout, making the book accessible and easy to use, with each story starter easily adaptable to whatever story you wish to tell.

Tommy Donbavand is the creative mind behind such creations as Scream Street and has even written for the legendary Doctor Who. If he can’t get your creativity bursting, I can’t think of many people who can!

I would highly recommend this pocket-sized resource to all writers, storytellers and teachers everywhere. It’s available in both paperback and on kindle ,so there’s no excuse! Here are some of my favourites, just to give you a thirst for some more! 

No. 3 Once upon a time, in a land far, far away – there was a beautiful princess who was allergic to …

No. 67 “Twins?!” cried the King. “Are you certain? Because the prophecy says there can only be one …” 

No. 101 The writer sat at the keyboard and typed furiously. Finally, work had begun. 

These are just a few to get your mind wandering and your ideas flying; the book is packed with so many great ideas. You’ll be coming up with so many new stories with this handy little toolkit. 

You can follow Tommy Donbavand on both Twitter @tommydonbavand and Facebook. Tommy has continued his creative flow through his recent battle with cancer by writing Tommy V Cancer and has some other fantastic resources and downloads on his website.

What are you waiting for? Get creating!

Header image: Sara Netherway  


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Professional daydreamer B B Taylor accidentally discovered a love of telling stories through her animals and visiting schools teaching about weird 'n' wonderful animals of different shapes and sizes. From there she was hooked. A self-published author from Birmingham she loves to travel, sharing stories with her books featuring everything from raccoons and fairies to yetis and zombies.


Natalie Yates is Reviews Editor for Words & Pictures. Twitter: @eastyorknat

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