SCBWI-BI CONFERENCE 2018 DATES Get Ready for Time Travelling!

AJ de Montjoie and Tracy Liennard are very excited to be new co-chairs of the Annual SCBWI-BI Conference and with the help of a fantastic team of volunteers, we have a fabulous programme, wonderful keynotes, and superb workshops for you to attend. Read more about key dates here. 

Our keynotes this year are brilliant time travellers. Tanya Landman, writes fabulous historical fiction for young adults, Benji Davies brings his incredible illustrations of other worlds to us, and Nick Tucker will present his view of the changing nature of children’s books over time. So bring your past, present and future selves to the conference to find out more.

Here are all the dates you need to be aware of before the event. Grab your diaries - and don't miss the deadlines!

Bookings are OPEN

Check out our Twitter feed @SCBWI-BI, Facebook page, and watch out for those emails that will be flowing into your inbox. The programme is published and available for you to choose your sessions now. So get reading and watch out for updates as they go live.

Remember Words and Pictures will be your source for more information on our keynotes too, as well as other features of the conference.

Friday 10th August by 5pm

As usual we will have our wonderful Mass Book Launch Party and the theme this year is Travelling through Time! So have a think about your costume BUT more importantly, in order to celebrate the great success of our members, ensure that you have updated your information on your profile page by this date and we will all celebrate with you in November. Find more info here:

Midnight, Saturday 25th August

We have two scholarships available for you to apply for. These are for those of you that would like to attend the conference but perhaps cannot raise the funds to attend. You can find all the details on the website here:

Monday 1st October

This is the deadline for submitting manuscripts for the one-to-ones. This is an amazing opportunity for you to have your work read by an agent or editor and to gain face to face feedback. Remember you need to book these and be able to meet the deadline above. Full details on the website:

Monday 1st October

This is also the deadline for 'The Hook', where you can take part in this Dragon’s Den style pitch to very supportive agents. You also have the chance to have a one-to-one with an agent at the end. There’s only 5 delegates who get to take part, so be sure to submit your application on time! See here for more info.

Thursday 1st November

If you’re an illustrator and you would like to book a portfolio review then this is your deadline. Please ensure you have read the guidelines before you apply and there’s plenty of advice on the one-to-one review page too.

Friday 2nd November

Oh no! Bookings close! Please don’t miss out on the best conference of the year and book early to ensure you get to the sessions you really want to attend. Some sessions will fill up very quickly.

Sunday 4th November

The Friday Night Critique is a great way to start your conference. Meet other delegates and get feedback on your work. What a great way to break the ice before the conference begins on the Saturday. Submit your manuscripts and extracts by this date so that everybody has time to read them before the conference, and then you will benefit from reading others’ work and getting feedback on your own. For more details, see the programme here:

Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th November

Conference time. We can’t wait to see you!

*Featured image courtesy of Benji Davis


Tracy Liennard has been a member of SCBWI for 2 years and is a newbie on the Conference Committee. As co-chair she has been supporting the speaker co-ordinators and finance function and will be hosting the speed dating session. Her day job as a civil servant involves working on the challenges of Brexit. Everything else in life seems simple by comparison. She has spent enough time drinking tea in cafes to have just finished writing her first young adult manuscript and also writes picture books.

AJ joined SCBWI in November 2017 and, before she had even finished writing anything of any note, found herself happily working with the wonderful volunteer team for the conference. She works in marketing by day and dabbles with her writing by night. With a background in secondary English teaching, she loves middle grade and young adult books and is never happier than when she is sat in a comfy chair with a good book. Encouraged by the students she used to teach, she decided to write down some of the stories that she told in class about life in Devon and here she is! You can find AJ’s ramblings on Twitter @ajsrsamblings and on her reading and writing blog,

Fran Price is a member of the Words and Pictures editorial team. She manages SCBWI BI events coverage. Contact her at

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