CELEBRATIONS September 2018

The summer may be drawing to an end but that's no reason for the partying to stop now!  
 B B Taylor begins the month of September by rounding up all our SCBWI celebration news. 

New Releases 

Pauline Tait is definitely putting the summer behind her with her newest release The Fairy in the Kettle’s Christmas Wish, the second book in The Fairy in the Kettle series. Aimed at 4 to 8 year-olds it continues the adventures of Leona and her friends and we are delighted that it has once again been illustrated by Debby Bellaby and has been published through Silverwood Books.

Katja Bart has got us all excited with her new release Orpheus a Young Adult urban fantasy with fairies and curses. What more could you ask for?

Lucy Van Smit can't wait to kick off September as she's partying this month with the release of her novel, The Hurting, which won the Bath Children's Novel Award. It is being published by Chicken House Books on the 6th September and will be translated into German, Russian and Polish. Check out this story of the power of attraction and its dangerous consequences.

Andy Shepherd is also partying on the 6th September as her second book The Boy Who Lived With Dragons is being released by Piccadilly Press. For all you dragon desperadoes who have found yourself a dragonfruit tree, hatched yourself a dragon and now have no clue what to do next - here’s what you need to know!

Em Lynas is EXTREMELY EXCITED because the last in the current Witch School series is out on the 6th September making it a triple celebration day here at Scoobie central! There is ac-chew-ally more PERIL and DANGER and MORE MAGICAL MAYHEM in Help! I'm Trapped at Witch School than there was in the first two books. Uh-oh. Published by Nosy Crow and illustrated by Jamie Littler this gorgeous book is a must have!

Philip Davies is celebrating the release in September of Destiny's Ruin, the final novel in his Destiny's Rebel trilogy, published by Books To Treasure, with amazing cover artwork by super-talented fellow-SCBWI, Emma Graham. Book Launch will be at Blackwell's Oxford, 2.00pm to 4.00pm on Saturday 29th September - all Scoobies welcome!

Barbara Henderson has launched Wilderness Wars on the world with publisher Cranachan, an Middle Grade eco thriller that asks: What if nature fights back? Barbara had great fun launching it in Edinburgh as she could see it for sale in the Edinburgh Book festival alongside Punch and Fir for Luck. She also got to try out her inflatable gulls on kids who actually enjoyed being dive bombed... we think.

Coming Soon

Sylvia Hehir is definitely celebrating this September she has just signed with Stone Cold Fox for her Young Adult novel, Sea Change. Keep your eyes open for this hair-raising new novel coming out next summer! 

Marisa Noelle's excited to share the news her debut novel The Unadjusteds has been acquired by Write Plan for publication summer 2019.



Image credit: Alex Edwards
Have you won an award? Been nominated, shortlisted or had an honourable mention show us your trophies and let them shine! Don't be shy you are amazing!


Image credit: Alex Edwards

Leisa Stewart-Sharpe is thrilled to have signed with Alice Sutherland-Hawes at the Madeleine Milburn agency. She always thought signing with an agent at a writers’ festival was a thing of literary folklore... but she met Alice on the Saturday and was offered representation on the Monday! Here's hoping that with Alice’s help, her picture books find their way into little hands very soon!


Zoe Armstrong is really excited to have signed with the lovely Alice Williams, who has just launched her own agency Alice Williams Literary. They briefly met at the Golden Egg Academy Summer Social, and she submitted to her soon after. Thankfully she liked her picture book texts! Zoe is really looking forward to working with Alice and seeing what magic they create.


Lindsay Littleson just signed with an agent, too! She's now represented by Julie Fergusson at the North Agency.


New Members 

We love welcoming new members into SCBWI and watching them grow and succeed in chasing their goals. If you're a new member, let us know so we can welcome you, too. SCBWI has so much to offer its members - celebrating their successes is just part of the fun! And if you're too shy, or not quite ready yet to give us a wave, remember we are always here to support you through your adventures!

Good News

Alex Ivey has had reason to celebrate with their Young Adult novel, The Glass Hotel, long listed for the Bath Novel Award in May.


Sandy Horsely has had lots to celebrate so far this year! In July she received an Honourable Mention in the Movable Book Society’s Emerging Paper Engineer Award. She was also selected as one of ten artists in residence with Suffolk Libraries, exploring diversity in character development. In August she made the long list of 10 writers in the Noirwich Flash Fiction competition for her story Black Shuck’s Awful Alphabet, A Deliciously Dark Bedtime Story. And she's super excited that she's one of ten illustrators through to the next round of the Penguin Random House (PRH) Write Now competition. What a year!


We have so many fantastic book launches and so much to celebrate, feel free to send us your party news and celebration photos so we can congratulate you, too!

*All images courtesy of authors mentioned above. 

Have you got good new to share? New book? New agent? Award nominee or winner? Are you a new member? Say hi and let us know. Why not send an email over with your good news, a picture and any links so we can celebrate too :)


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  1. What an amazing line up! Congratulations everyone. Thanks for celebrating BB x


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