Only a week to go until the conference and I expect everyone is tip top ready now, especially after the tip top tips Celia collected for us last Wednesday. I know I'm …
Not quite.

I'm so easily distracted, not so much a social butterfly...

Anyway, nippiover to the free online dictionary I discover that conference is 'a meeting for consolation or discussion' and 'an exchange of views'. Plus some other things about clerics and legalities in the less important definitions. (I also have a snigger at the ridiculous yet insidious nature of google ads - mine are stickers and doors.) Sooo many people I'm looking forward to meeting this year. (I should add that other better dictionaries are available.

However far away from London or Winchester you are, SCBWI is great at turning the virtual into the actual as the latest SCBWI British Isles Network - South East Scotland demonstrated in Network News on Thursday. Their enthusiasm for meeting with a purpose is brilliant. I particularly liked how they discovered the wealth of knowledge and skills in the group and decided to plunder that first!  This is meeting for the price of a cup of coffee. By the way, Celia's tips are great for any SCBWI event and there are lots of ways to have one. Miriam's how to hold a Goal Setting Brunch on Monday was brilliant for any group thinking of getting together for the first time.

The delay in this morning's post was caused by another great selection from Nick in the  blog break. Having to read out each of Mark's and Lorraine's latest offerings to OH, check Anne-Marie's brilliant links, cheer with Dawn for comics, and work out a way of going on one of Jane's school visits means I am still writing and it's nearly lunchtime - aaagh.

I'm not going to entirely blame Nick for my butterfly brain - lusting after a copy of Tiny Pencil, after a sneak peek from Amber in Birth of an Artzine on Friday, helped. Not only did we have glimpses of Tiny Pencil we also had illustration from multi award winning Amanda Hall as we congratulated her on the launch of Jewish Tales on Saturday. So as ever, with normal life thrown in, it's been a busy week.


Next week as conference pressure ramps up and I suddenly acquire focus and a sense of urgency, among other things you can look forward to:

  • Inspiration from Phillipa
  • A feature from some of the SCBWI volunteers - why do they do it?
  • Ask the Agent with the two supernova in the agenting universe, Gemma Cooper and Molly Ker Hawn
  • A review of Graphic Novel publisher, Myriad Editions with some fabulous images including one of a prize winning graphic novelist, Gareth Brookes embroidering one of his images  - brilliant.

Whether you're coming to Winchester next weekend or you're gearing up to read about it here on Words & Pictures hope it's a good week!

Jan Carr

Jan Carr is the editor of Words & Pictures. Her fiction is older middle grade, she blogs occasionally and loves to write in magenta. You can contact her at editor@britishscbwi.org.


  1. Hope you have a brilliant time at conference Jan! I shall be working and sulking. ;)

    1. Thanks Lorraine, I'm sorry you won't be there.

  2. I'm resisting the urge to edit your post and insert a link to the awesome (and equally free) www.oxforddictionaries.com ;-)

    1. You should! Brain was not working yesterday. About to do some editing now and hoping no-one will notice.


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