Summoning up Success!

Dancing shoes on today people because it's time to do a happy jig for one of our very hardworking volunteers. Benjamin Scott, former Assistant Regional Advisor for SCBWI, has signed with Gillie Russell at Aitken Alexander Associates!


Benjamin confesses the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

“I absolutely loved being ARA, but it was time to focus on my writing – after all, it’s our passion for children’s books that bring us together. It was completely unexpected to be signed up with an amazing agent so quickly, but Gillie’s enthusiasm for my writing makes me certain I made the right decision,” 

It's wonderful to see Ben's hard work being rewarded at last and he's convinced that  SCBWI and his years of volunteering have helped him achieve his dream.

“It wouldn’t have happened without SCBWI or volunteering. I’ve made amazing contacts and I’ve learnt that the industry has a lot of respect for our hardworking volunteers. I’ve met some brilliant critiquing partners, had the support of some special SCBWI friends and listened to the advice of a range of fabulous speakers!” 

He first met his agent Gillie when he chaired the Agents’ Panel in 2011 and only intended to submit the one book to Gillie, a 7+ project, but when she heard he had received an Honorary Mention for a YA project in Undiscovered Voices 2010 she wanted to see that too! Together they are working on his YA title, The Summoning of Freiya Rolandson, a gritty fantasy about how much one girl is willing risk for those she loves and whether she can resist the corruptive force of power.

“It’s a book that’s been close to my heart for a long time. With Gillie’s help I hope there are big things ahead for Freiya!” Benjamin is also developing a 7+ contemporary with a quirky twist book series called Eureka Evans: A Disaster Waiting to be Invented about a boy inventor whose plans frequently go wrong in spectacular and unexpected ways, including accidentally sticking his mum to the ceiling like a helium balloon!

Benjamin is the lead author on the ghost-written Star Fighters series (Working Partners/Bloomsbury) and has lots of fun promoting the series in schools. He also reviews children’s books for Carousel Magazine and tutors in Writing for Young Adults with the Oxford University’s Department of Continuing Education. And, Benjamin continues to support SCBWI by being a volunteer editor for the Undiscovered Voices 2014.

His agent Gillie is full of praise for Benjamin and his work, so read on and find out exactly why she signed him up!

"As soon as I started reading The Summoning of Freiya Rolandson (which may not be the book’s final title) I felt an irresistible magic tingle. It drew me in immediately with its visceral narrative voice, tangible sense of place, and a strong young female protagonist (Freiya) at its core. This, combined with a powerful mix of myth, magic and legend made it completely compelling. I was reminded of Garth Nix’s Old Kingdom trilogy – fantasy that reads like reality – so what more could one want? I’m thrilled to be representing Ben, and with these two strands of his writing I’m sure he will go on to achieve the success he deserves."

  So wiggle those hips people and do your best funky moves for  Benjamin Scott and hopefully we'll all be reading about Freiya in the not too distant future! If anyone would like to imitate Ben's success by becoming a SCBWI volunteer do please contact the team.

Lorraine Gregory has been writing fantasy adventure books aimed at middlegrade boys for the last three years. She's been a chef and a restaurant manager and now works from home as an Antenatal Teacher. She belongs to the Words & Pictures Team and helps Tania to bring joy to our Saturday Celebrations' posts. 


  1. Many congratulations and looking for to meeting Freiya. She sounds great.

  2. Great news, Ben: absolutely delighted to hear this.

  3. Congratulations Benjamin and thanks for all your hard work as ARA.

  4. Hearing this sort of news is really inspiring. I discovered recently I have far more children's books in my library than adult! Will look forward to adding yours soon, Benjamin. Well deserved. Congratulations.

  5. Many, many congratulations Benjamin!

  6. Hooray for Benjamin! Your long-deserved success gives us all hope.


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