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Did you know that everything that we do at SCBWI British Isles is run by a team of talented and energetic volunteers?  We asked them why they do what they do. They were so enthusiastic, here are just some of their answers...

Why do you volunteer for SCBWI?

To give back. I have received so much from SCBWI, close friends, first publishing opportunity, agent, education, information, the list could go on. I love encouraging and inspiring illustrators at all levels and crafting (with help) more learning and showing opportunities for our membership.


I found my agent at an SCBWI event, so I wanted to give something back to SCBWI. Plus, the conferences are so much fun I wanted to be involved with the amazing bunch of people who make them happen!


Was promised fame and fortune: but am still waiting!


For the buzzing creativity of like-minded friends, for the sharp insights into an endlessly fascinating writing world and for the total larks.


I like to feel part of the industry and volunteering helps me to do that. It motivates me to write – if I’m spending time volunteering then it’s only worth it in the long run if I’m also spending time writing.

I had an idea - and I wanted to see if it would work. It did, which was rewarding so I volunteered some more. The more I volunteered, the more people I met, the more rewarding it became.

What's good about volunteering for SCBWI?

You meet fantastic, talented enthusiastic people. That's the best bit. I've made true friends through volunteering for SCBWI and met authors and illustrators that I had admired for years!


Volunteering builds confidence, especially if you're a bit shy, and it seriously helps expand your network!


Learning to deal with the lack of fame and fortune with like-minded people.


It gives you a chance to get to know people much better and through organising events that you think people would like, you get to have the events that you'd like yourself! It's also great for networking with people in the industry.


Friendship, pride, insider knowledge. I might have lied about the last bit but you DO get BADGES!

Friendship with people you wouldn't meet at your social circles, who are passionate about the same things. Seeing the organisation grow and improve and knowing that you had a hand in it.

What have you gained by volunteering for SCBWI?


Everything but fame and fortune... (mainly insight, satisfaction, friendship)

Loads of new friends and experiences in a wide range of countries – participation in SCBWI workshops and conferences in the US, Bologna, the UK, France, Belgium, Japan, Mongolia and the Philippines – several of these places I was able to travel to thanks to volunteering for SCBWI.


Relationships with industry professionals - volunteering for SCBWI is the next best thing to working in publishing

A voice in the children’s book world, even as a non-traditionally published author. An increase in my own skills; writing, illustrating, organising, techno, blogging etc. A view of the industry and how it works. I would definitely recommend volunteering.


It’s being able to meet and talk with professionals from the industry. Their enthusiasm and advice inspires me to keep going, even when I’m back home I don’t feel alone. I’ve realised that working in Children’s books is a fantastic place to be. I’d love to be there full time.

I've met some really lovely writers and illustrators in the SW, and I'd say that's been the very best thing. Oh, and as a frustrated journalist, having the opportunity to write some features for Words And Pictures has been fantastic, as it is another means of sharing and bringing people together through writing and illustrating.


Friends I love. Access to gatekeepers. Satisfaction and pride in what I've achieved.

Natascha Biebow
Regional Advisor, British Isles
Without this team of talented and energetic volunteers, we would not be able to organize events, such as the Annual Conference, nor create a fantastic blog magazine with new content every day, nor match people up in critique groups. Even our fantastic Undiscovered Voices competition, which has opened the doors to publication for so many authors, is run by a team of volunteers. Not one of us is paid for the many, many hours of initiative and hard work that we put in!

So why do we do it? Volunteering opens up many doors – the door of friendship, the door of craft, the door of the industry contact, the door of new skills.

SCBWI British Isles needs volunteers to do jobs big and small, local and national.

Which doors will volunteering open for you?!

For more information on volunteer positions vacant, look out for the Volunteers’ Station at the registration table at our annual conference, 
pick up a job card,
collect one of these fabulous stickers...

...look for a lovely volunteer wearing one of these

and have a good CHAT.

Then, at 9:30 on Sunday morning, come and meet the Natascha and other volunteers. 

Both of these wonderful designs are by another fabulous volunteer, Amanda Lillywihte.

If you can't make it to the conference, we will miss you but you don't need to miss out, check out the volunteer positions vacant and email Natascha at ra@britishscbwi.org saying you'd like to find out more about volunteering.

We look forward to meeting you!


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