December 11th - Paul Morton


See the whole image and the growing Advent calendar here.

Do you have a Tweetable micro story for
Paul's illustration?

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  1. The Xmas paparazzi
    Had Robin's feathers ruffled,
    He donned his purple hat disguise
    & scarf & off he shuffled.

    @JennyWriteMoore #W8PAdvent

  2. With my glowing red belly and ability to fly, I’m a shoo-in for Rudolph’s understudy!

    #W8PAdvent @JLBlanck

  3. With my bright red breast & my purple hat I'm spreading Xmas cheer, I do so love 2 entertain at this snowy time of year

    #W8PAdvent @cjfriess

  4. Doobie doo doobie doobie, doobie doo doobie doobie ... I'm singing and dancing in the snow. #W8PAdvent @debbiecoope

  5. "...and if you stick around ladies and gentlemen, I may perform my famous Hot Snow Shuffle!" #W8PAdvent @whoatemybrain

  6. Robin sang but his heart wasn't in it. He was still thinking of what Crow had told him about Santa... @MotherGoutte #w8padvent

  7. love all the tweets so far guys. And that goes for every day so far, they've become a fantastic go-to section of the advent, thank you.

    1. Thank YOU, Paul! Without you this wouldn't be happening!

  8. With a lot of face paint, and even more skill, Rudolph's nose went to the fancy dress party as a Christmas robin.
    #W8PAdvent @GeorgeKirk2

  9. Robin was rocking,
    His knees a-knocking,
    But spread his wings wide
    And sang loud with PRIDE!

    @AlistairLane #w8padvent

  10. How embarrassing, Nan had done it again. Please Mum, please, don't make me wear the hat. Purple is so not my colour. #W8PAdvent @riewriting


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