December 4th - Anna Violet


See the whole image and the growing Advent calendar here.

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Anna's illustration?

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  1. The wind was strong. Stork let go of Mother Quail's precious gift! Fox tried to catch it but it flew away... @MotherGoutte #W8PAdvent

  2. Furry fox in dotty socks
    Spots a box & licks his chops
    Fairy flutters up above
    Bringing gifts of festive love

    @JennyWriteMoore #W8PAdvent

  3. Christmas: A time of goodwill to all. Little Red Hen teased Sly Fox with the gift, but would he stomach rock buns? #W8PAdvent @debbiecoope

  4. Nothing for me this year, sighs Fox. But just in time, the postman knocks ... #W8PAdvent @anonymoss

  5. There were no presents this year. A single lonely letter hung from the battered tinsel tree. Happy Christmas. @riewriting #W8PAdvent

  6. What's in the box?
    Pleaded the fox.
    A tasty treat,
    For me to eat?

    1. Welcome to the Advent frivolity, Alistair!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Foxy jumped for joy and opened his jaws when Santa dropped by. 'Hmmmm, gingerbread, my favourite!'
    #W8PAdvent @GeorgeKirk

  9. Nothing from Santa this year (Fox had been VERY naughty) so a chicken-flavoured gift tag would just have to do. @whoatemybrain #W8PAdvent

  10. Wait for me, turkey! I just want to tell you how delicious, how Christmassy & lip-smackingly good you look! #W8PAdvent @nancyesaunders

  11. Robin finally managed to lure Fox away from the nest with a box of old turkey bones @mcrogerson #W8Padvent


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