December 15th - Paul Morton


See the whole image and the growing Advent calendar here.

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  1. Must've been some magic
    In the stripy hat they found
    Placing it on Frosty's head
    He flew 10 feet off the ground

    @JennyWriteMoore #W8PAdvent

    1. I've been singing that to myself. you're consistently excellent Jennifer!

    2. Thanks, Paul, really loving all the illustrations. Apologies for the Frosty earworms!

  2. 'Faster than reindeer, and no need to feed a magic snowboard!' The sales Snowman told a dubious Santa #W8PAdvent @WriterBizWoman

  3. Wheee! This beats Walking in the Air!

  4. "Forget Snow White, I only ever wanted to be Shaun White!" shouted Snowman Sam as he flew off the halfpipe. #W8PAdvent @whoatemybrain

  5. "Yo! Wassup Snow Dude?"
    "Snowboardy's business, lol !"
    *Sincere apologies from* @hellopipski #W8PAdvent

  6. The Snowman was in hiding
    He'd eaten all the pies...
    He hoped no one would see through
    His snowboarder disguise!

    @AlistairLane #w8padvent

  7. He slept all day
    Standing totally still.
    In the moonlight he got radical,
    The talk of the hill. #W8PAdvent @riewriting

  8. One snazzy snowman,
    boarding through the snow.
    He's super cool and warm,
    his cheeks are all aglow!

    #W8Padvent @cjfriess

  9. Snow flakes,
    Snow falls,
    Snow angel.
    RIP Snowman.
    #W8PAdvent @debbiecoope

  10. Santa's new hover bored design was so cool it transformed its rider into a snowman. Elf and safety were not happy.
    #W8PAdvent @GeorgeKirk2

  11. 'Hello!' Boomed a voice from the speakers. 'And welcome to our Christmas snowboarding competition!' @MotherGoutte #w8padvent

  12. "This one's great! Can I have this one?" "Only if you can catch me up!" shouted Mum already half way down the mountain. #W8PAdvent @jancarr

  13. Wow, it gets better and better. What a wonderful set of comments, love them all.


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