December 13th - Fiona Gomez


See the whole image and the growing Advent calendar here.

Fiona Gomez

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Fiona's illustration?

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  1. Spike and Prickle knew how to party like it was 1999. #W8PAdvent @WriterBizWoman

  2. 'Twas one more sleep 'til Christmas,
    The hedgehogs danced with glee.
    So many gifts to open,
    Beneath the Christmas tree.
    @hellopipski #W8PAdvent

  3. Xmas left u feeling prickly,
    Spiky as a sewing pin?
    Leave the turkey & the tinsel
    Take your partner for a spin

    @JennyWriteMoore #W8PAdvent

  4. They knew they wouldn’t win the ballroom dancing contest, but they sure enjoyed trying.

    #W8PAdvent @JLBlanck

  5. A lively tune burst out of the gramophone. Mr Fizzyhog's eyes sparkled as he led his wife into a dance. @mothergoutte #w8padvent

  6. Ding dong merrily on high
    In heaven the bells are ringing
    Tip tap rhythmically below
    The hedgehogs all are swinging
    #W8PAdvent @GeorgeKirk2

  7. Bill & Betty Thistle dance under bells and bow,
    Bill wants to kiss Betty but there is no mistletoe. #W8PAdvent @debbiecoope

  8. "Why are you awake?" "I was too cold." "Does dancing help?" "Yeah, let's dance the winter away!" #W8PAdvent @cjfriess


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