December 12th - Nicola L. Robinson


See the whole image and the growing Advent calendar here.

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Nicola's illustration?

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  1. 'But Christmas is all about sausages, I mean sharing,' Rover whined.
    #W8PAdvent @WriterBizWoman

  2. Stepmum's Xmas gift of skates
    & bangers had seemed good
    'Til she sent poor Gretel & dear Hans
    Off to Yeti Wood

    @JennyWriteMoore #W8PAdvent

  3. The annual Sausage Stakes began with a bang(er)... and ended without a whimper!

    @AlistairLane #w8padvent

  4. Coach Yeti shouted, "Faster, faster Hot Dogs! If you beat your PBs today, we'll definitely make Santa's Sleigh Squad Stand-Ins! @hellopipski #W8PAdvent

  5. 'I told you we should have gone for the vegetarian option.'

  6. The plan was working. She could feel the wolf's breath on her neck. She just hoped Peter was there with the net. #W8PAdvent @riewriting

  7. 'Don't go pass farmer Del's and his dogs!' his mother had warned. But the ice had called to him. @mothergoutte #w8padvent

  8. Yeti loved the annual dog race on ice. When Rabbit got sick, Kim and Sam stepped up and saved the day with sausages. #W8PAdvent @debbiecoope

  9. Gutsy McGrady liked sausage with gravy, Netti the yeti liked canine spaghetti, and Sam and Jan had a great plan.
    #W8PAdvent @GeorgeKirk2


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