BLOG BREAK Dragons, Drawing and Cupcakes

Nick Cross presents his fortnightly selection of must-read blogs.

Emma Perry and Sharon Davey's joint picture book launch looks like it was a lot of fun, complete with dragons, drawing and cupcakes. Emma blogs about a great day, with much photographic evidence.

This is the fourth time running that Vanessa Harbour has featured on the Blog Break. Could you try writing some rubbish blog posts to give other people a chance please, Vanessa? Joking aside, I loved her take on the SCBWI-BI debut author bootcamp and her exhortation to enjoy what we do.

Mental health and writing are two subjects that are very close to my heart, so I was pleased to see Ellie Rose McKee writing about both. Ellie's blog post explores how one area influences the other, and suggests some ways to cope on those days when the writing gets too hard.

Here's Cath Howe talking to Zoe Cookson's Madge Eekal Reviews about her writing life, and how drama gave her a way in to becoming a published author.

Why bother writing historical fiction? And if you do bother, do you have to know every last detail about a particular period before you can start writing about it? Rowena House tackles these questions in a thoughtful blog post.

Finally, here's a fun writing exercise by Tracy Darnton, based on a recent course she ran. Grab your red pen and take on Attack of the Adverbs.


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Nick Cross is Words & Pictures' Blog Network Editor. An Undiscovered Voices winner, he both writes and illustrates for children, and was honours winner of the SCBWI Magazine Merit Award for fiction.

Nick also blogs for Notes from the Slushpile. His most recent post sees him teaming up with his agent Heather Cashman, for an investigation of the value of comp titles.

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