A message to you all from Words & Pictures Editor, Claire Watts.

Greetings from this safe social distance to you, fellow SCBWI members. I hope this finds you well and settling in to our current situation. I know you've got a lot on your minds, as have I. Possibly the last thing on your mind is being creative. Then again, maybe being shut up away from the world is just the opportunity you needed to get to grips with that project you've been putting off. I hope you're managing to keep in touch with your SCBWI-BI friends. I like to imagine our community of writers and illustrators reaching out with virtual hugs. I had a Zoom meeting with my crit group yesterday and I have to tell you it left me feeling much better. We have to focus on caring for our loved ones and those in need at the moment, but I think keeping in touch with SCBWI friends is an important bit of self-care and may give you a moment to step out of your moment-to-moment worries.

I wanted to let you know that the Words & Pictures team are going to do our best to carry on bringing you your weekly dose of all things SCBWI-BI. You may find that there are fewer features each week but you should get something each week to keep your creative mojo going.

And of course, if you have anything to share, please do get in touch.

Stay safe, everyone.

Claire Watts is Editor of Words & Pictures. You can contact her at

The header image is by Catherine Lindow. Catherine lives and illustrates in a Fife seaside village.

She's fond of drawing towns and places and the people who may or may not live in them. Drainpipes, vexed dogwalkers and the odd bit of sprouting leafiness are among her favourite subjects. See her work at and on Instagram @catherixx

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