World Book Day is upon us as authors and illustrators of the world unite to celebrate! 
 Join B B Taylor as she shares her mission of world domination with this month's SCBWI celebrations and new releases. Go forth and share your books with the masses! 

New Releases 

Kicking us off with mystery and suspense is Serena Patel with her new series which is launching on World Book Day. Anisha, Accidental Detective is the first book in the set about a girl called Anisha who loves science and books and a quiet life. Unfortunately for her she is part of a rather large chaotic family who always seem to find themselves in trouble. Published by Usborne and illustrated by Emma McCann we can see it 'accidentally' ending up in your shopping this month!

Rebelling as any good Tooth Fairy should, Mouse is hitting our shelves this month with her not so traditional fairy tale, The Vigilante Toothfairy. With children no longer leaving their teeth and magic disappearing, little Mouse decides to take drastic action, but it's not easy doing the wrong thing, even if it is for the right reasons. Could there be another way to save the day? Written by B B Taylor, Illustrated by James Shaw and published by Tiny Tree Children's books, this quirky fairy tale is out March 12th 2020 

Thomas Wolfe has every reason to celebrate with his first debut picture book since becoming a freelance author/illustrator. It’s a really big deal for him and his little family, not to mention the fact that that he is helping to raise vital awareness for Crohns and Colitis, a cause very close to his heart. Needless to say, we're very proud of him and we know you will be too! Meet our Crohn's and Colitis cats is available to download free to support this amazing work.

Discover the true stories of eight fascinating spies: one who crawled across the rooftops of Paris, one who hid secrets in her wooden leg, and even the grandma-next-door who turned out to have been a spy . . . Find the Spy written by Zoe Armstrong, illustrated by Shelly Laslo and published by Penguin books.


Coming Soon 

The hilarious follow-up title to How Rude! which introduced us to the wonderful duo, Dot and Duck. They're back to share even more giggles in this sweet story about sharing, manners and friendship. Written by our very own Clare Helen Welsh and illustrated by Olivier Tallec this fantastic new picture book will be released by Quarto in April 


Have you got a new agent? Don't be shy. Let us know so we can celebrate with you too! 

Good News 

Exciting news as the Arts Council has given member Eiman Munro funding to create a project that involves working with artists, local libraries, a local primary school and a writing mentor (who happens to be the fabulous Emma Finlayson-Palmer another SCBWI member too!). She will be bringing a middle eastern themed story to children across her local borough. The House of Wisdom is the historical setting for this exciting work. From there she will be researching the lives of Muslim scientists who made an impact on the world with their discoveries and innovation. This will cover at least two scientists including Mariam Al-Ijliya who worked and designed astrolabes and also Al-Jazari who engineered the famous Elephant Clock. The project started in February and will be showcased through a series of workshops at Brent Wembley Library.

Share your good news with us!

*All images courtesy of authors mentioned above. 


Have you got good news to share? New book? New agent? Award nominee or winner? Are you a new member? Say hi and let us know. Why not send an email over with your good news at celebrations@britishscbwi.org, a picture and any links so we can celebrate too :) 

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