SCBWI BI CONFERENCE 2022 Scholarships


Our conference team has negotiated seven wonderful scholarships with leading industry professionals to help eligible individuals with the cost of this year's conference at Manchester Metropolitan University. Philip Kavvadias reports.

Back in the romantic era of 2019 I didn’t know any other authors, didn’t know anything about the industry and, most importantly, hadn’t discovered my voice. Then three incredible things happened:


1.      1. I joined the famously talented Wokingham SCBWI group

2.     2.  I joined the famously talented Southbank Writers

3.    3.  I won a ticket to the SCBWI BI Conference 2019


When I’d read about the conference, I was super excited. I thought it would be an unmissable opportunity to meet people, exchange ideas, learn about the industry and the craft, and – to use a cliché – get inspired.


But I also realised that I couldn’t afford it. To use another cliché, my stomach clenched. I couldn’t go.


One fateful morning though, a post came up on SCBWI Facebook. Someone wasn’t going to the conference and they were giving their ticket to the first person who replied. I don’t even need to tell you what happened next.

That conference was the best thing that ever happened to me (writing-wise, let’s not get carried away). All of the above came true: I met people, we exchanged ideas, I heard industry talks, I heard advice about the craft and, yes, I was inspired.

A month or so later (prompted by a W&P competition) I’d written the first chapter of the book that eventually got me my agent.

Is there a point to all this?


You’re asking a fair question. The point is that more people who can’t afford the conference should be supported to be able to attend it. So when the opportunity to coordinate scholarships came up, I jumped on it.

Margaret Carey

It’s such a great thing to be able to say: this year there will be seven scholarships available. Seven! 


Please visit the conference website for eligibility details. 

The fact that we can support voices that would otherwise not be heard makes me very happy. We need more of those voices.

Apply Now! (The deadline for scholarship entries is midnight Monday 19th September 2022)

EARLY BIRD TICKETS: There's just one week left to book your early bird ticket and have the chance to win the cost of the conference back. Book by Sunday 18th September to be entered into the prize draw. Book here.

ONE-TO-ONE REVIEWS: These go on sale on Monday 12th September. If you checked the box for a 1-1 review when you booked your conference ticket, look out for your email with the 1-1 booking link and password. These are first come first served so book early to avoid disappointment.

*Header image: Tita Berredo 
*Feature images: Paul Morton



Philip Kavvadias is a playwright, poet, screenwriter, journalist and author. He’s been a SCBWI volunteer for the past year. In his role as South East co-coordinator, Philip works together with Claire O’Brien to organise activities that strengthen ties between SCBWI members, foster exchange of ideas and, hopefully, spark creativity and improve our craft. In his role as conference sponsorship coordinator, Philip seeks to help underrepresented writers and illustrators attend the conference through sponsorships from agents, publishers and other industry bodies. | @philipkavvadias



Stephanie Cotela is the new Network News & Events Editor for Words & Pictures magazine.

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