15th December - Sue Eves

 See the whole image and the growing Advent Gallery here.

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Sue's illustration?

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  1. When Rudy lost his antlers/ he racked his reindeer brains/ and made a pair beyond compare/ from stripy candy canes #W8PAdvent @JayeSeymour

  2. Dasher's collision with the barber shop did not end well. #W8PAdvent @GeorgeKirk2

  3. Spritzed with peppermint from her head to her toes - she shall have Christmas wherever she goes #W8PAdvent @sueeves

  4. Jennifer and George - brilliant - love them both!

  5. A late one from me.

    Reindeers - feeling distressed 'cos you're not the best dressed? Add stripes to your antlers and you'll pass the test! #W8PAdvent @anonymoss

  6. From Helene Robb on my blog today - "With red and white candy canes topping her head, she'll outdo Rudolph when pulling the sled." #W8PAdvent

  7. These are brilliant .... I'm so far behind!


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