2nd December - Sue Rundle-Hughes

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  2. For 22 days and 13 hours they rumbled to the land of the midday night counting clouds and snowflakes racing to the Palace of Ice #W8PAdvent

  3. Polar Bear Express
    Carving through winterous wonder
    Santa's dinner guests
    #haiku #W8PAdvent

  4. ‘I can see him, Mum!’ said Freddie.
    ‘Are you sure?’
    He tiptoed on his paws to check. ‘No, it’s another tree.’ He harrumphed. #W8PAdvent

  5. Santa looked in the mirror, contemplating his evening ahead. It was Christmas Eve, "Bring it on" he grinned.

  6. If I can get this last lot to the Pole before sundown then nobody’ll be none the wiser, ho ho ho. #W8PAdvent @jancarr

  7. Wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful Sue George Andrew and Sarah! Tweeted!

  8. Hoorah! We'll make it. Barney held his breath. Just a few more metres and they'd be in the tunnel. Then home at last.


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