23rd December - Catriona Tippin

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  1. I'm sorry, this one is far from cheerful, but as I considered how many presents Santa would need to count it's where my thoughts took me. And I guess sometimes a story should pull you up and make you think. Will try to be back to my cheery self tomorrow x

    1 900 500 321 Santa counts the presents carefully. But then takes one out every 5 seconds before he even sets off #W8PAdvent @GeorgeKirk2

  2. Now, child, do what Mummy says/ & mind each P and Q/ or else I'll fill my Santa Sack/ with gift-wrapped coal for you #W8PAdvent @JayeSeymour

  3. Some gifts may be tiny, some won’t fit in a box so small but the greatest gift is love and that won’t be wrapped at all #W8PAdvent @sueeves


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