The Alexis Deacon Conference Workshop

Jion Sheibani

They've earned their place...
It’s not every day you get to have a workshop with one of your illustration heroes. Let alone a one-to-one session where he solves your story problem (of 2 years) in 10 seconds flat.

There were a lot of amazing things about the SCBWI conference this year, but Alexis’ workshop has to be the highlight for me.

He really made us think about the clarity of our images and about separating “great drawing from great communication.”

Although his Chinese Whispers drawing/caption game proved a bit taxing for us illogical “creative types”, it managed to show us just how huge that space between text and picture could be (Once again, I apologise to my neighbour for presuming it was a curious snowman next to that drunk horse...)

Alexis’ splodge game was also a great lesson in composition and brilliant fun for doodlers like me.

Be warned though, you will notice root vegetables in every picture you look at thereafter....

A great way to end a brilliant conference. Thank you Alexis!


  1. Love your cartoons, Jion.
    And as a non illustrator the 'space between the text and at the picture' is a really interesting idea. Thank you.


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