17th December - Anne-Marie Perks


  See the whole image and the growing Advent Gallery here.

Do you have a Tweetable micro story for
Anne-Marie's illustration?

Post it in the comments and we'll tweet it with #W8PAdvent and your Twitter handle

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  1. Three wise wishes on a winter’s day, whispered to the wind and whirled away #W8PAdvent @sueeves

  2. The wind still danced and the moon still shone/ but the snow-girl and her dreams were gone #W8PAdvent @JayeSeymour

  3. The Ice Queen twirled her wand and swirled a blanket of snow over all of the world #W8PAdvent @anonymoss

  4. I'm late! Been a very bust day, but love this pic it's very close to home!

    George looked out of her window. Something was missing. "Tim, the wind has blown the sheep away again," she called. @W8PAdvent @GeorgeKirk2

  5. Lovely tweet stories! I love the dancing wind and swirling blanket of snow, not to mention queens and flying sheep!

  6. #W8PAdvent @GillJames Blue sky now and the snow was beginning to melt. Soon Adiv would be able to eat fresh green grass. No more hunger.


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