8th December - John Shelley


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  1. the 8th was a prince who broke through the brier and climbed to the tower in purple attire #W8PAdvent @sueeves

  2. After his festive tipple the Baron forgot which festival he was tippling and got out his thorn of crowns. HIC #W8PAdvent @GeorgeKirk2

  3. The Prince has left on a winter quest - until he finds Christmas, he won't rest! #W8PAdvent @anonymoss

  4. Santa was quite pleased with his new tattoo. #W8PAdvent from all at NE Xmas Do! @katherinelynas

  5. Santa's little helper is looking for the naughty girls &boys... #W8PAdvent @ Katherinelynas

    (Another one from the party!)

  6. Sugar plums festoon the stage - baubles glinting bright/ Princely hero & his sword cut swathes through opening night #W8PAdvent @JayeSeymour

  7. The little man jumped back into the picture but something had changed, only 7 crowns circled him now. Alice raised her hand... #W8PAdvent @jancarr


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